Tuesday, December 15

Siberian Kim!!

I normally don't have a lot of interest in following players once they have left the club. But I feel I should keep you up to date (for now, anyway) on Kim Nam-Il since he was my favorite player.

Kim has just signed for Russian Premier League team FC Tom Tomsk!

I'm not afraid to admit I know close to nothing about football in Russia apart from the Moscow teams that make a brief annual appearance in the Champions League, zillionaire Roman Absurdovich at Chelski and the 4 foot 3 blond chap in north London who has his arse shaven (sidenote: apparently he's the 3rd top scorer at Anfield in 2009! Up the arse!!!).

Anyway, back to Kim.
The city of Tomsk is located smack bang in the middle of Siberia. In stark contrast to Kobe, it has neither mountains or ocean. But it DOES have 4 seasons - early winter, mid winter, late winter and a short defrosting period in July. The average yearly temperature is -1℃, and a brisk -21℃ in January.

Good luck Kim.


Nerdy said...

Tokyo Nerdy is gonna give it another go.....if you could sign me up again that`d be great!!!



Jay said...

Welcome back Nerdy!
Please join us at the footy summit in Nagoya in Feb...