Sunday, December 13

Tokura to Kobe

Yesterday, the club announced the signing of Ken Tokura (FW) from Thespa Kusatsu. I must admit I don't know a lot about this player, apart from the fact he was 2nd top scorer in J2 this year with 23 goals!
However, a little research tells us he is still only 23, 187cm and left-footed. Apparently, he was just about to sign for Cerezo and we snagged him at the last minute. On paper, this looks like a good signing.
Things are looking up with 2 new signings who have already proven themselves in the J.League.


manyar said...

Ken was at Frontale before moving to Kusatsu. Seem to remember he made a few late appearances from the bench in 2008, but he was still very young (and competition up front was pretty tough) so he never got much chance to prove himself.

Hope he works out better for you than Ganaha!

Jay said...

Yeh, Ganaha was/is a REAL disappointment.
I think we have made some sensible signings over the last month.
Look out top 12!!