Wednesday, December 2

Vissel management reading our blog?

The club have made another announcement regarding players who will NOT have their contracts renewed for next year. The list bears a striking resemblance to the list I drew up back in July.

#8 Alan Bahia
#9 Marcel
#11 Matsuhashi
#15 Uchiyama
#16 Koga
#19 Sudo
#27 Kishida
#32 Uetani
#33 Niwa
#34 Doi

5 forwards out!!
Uetani and Doi, both still only 20, didn't make any appearances in the top team this year and I guess the club saw no potential in them. Niwa had a few starts, mostly in cup games, but failed to prove his worth after returning from a 2-year loan spell at Cerezo.
As for the rest, they are too old and/or just not good enough. A couple of other players without squad numbers were also released, as was Adachi (the wrong one!), one of our coaches.

Not a bad start, I say.
Once the following names are added to the above list we will be able to make a proper, fresh start.

#13 Ganaha
#14 Miyamoto
#17 Yoshida
#23 Gakuto


michael said...

I was thinking of that when I read it today. Never know, they are probably reading the blog and following along. Let's just pray to God that they don't follow your advice on cheerleaders.

Jay said...

Ha. That would be the one to set all wrongs right. Brink on the bikinis!

Mike Tuckerman said...

Not surprised to see Uchiyama on his way out?

Jay said...

Surprised? Not really. He lost his position due to the Miyamoto/Matsuoka shuffle earler in the season and never got it back.

A bit sad to see him go I guess because he had a decent couple of years with us.

This may mean, unfortunately, that Matsuoka will continue to be played out of his best position next year.

More on that another time...