Saturday, July 17

FC Tokyo 2 - 2 Vissel

Ok here we go! Talk about taking pennies from a dead man's eyes well Vissel did it tonight, but Tokyo have only themselves to blame. 2 nil up in the first 20 minutes, we were ripe for an ass kicking but we were ankle tapped from then on in. Football is about putting teams away and Tokyo didn't do that, yet for 80 minutes they were the better team. 2 exposures at the back cost us dearly. Some serious thought needs to go into who plays in defense for the next game.
85th minute and its comeback time, Botti's effort deserved a goal even if it might've been intended as a cross, but what the heck just to get into the position he did deserved the end result. Fast forward last roll of the dice 96th minute, Vissel corner, Enomoto in the box stirring things up, a hand ball (totally unintentional but in the box), penalty. Okubo scores. Big shouts and back slapping in Averys.
2 things from the game, Okubo does not look confident taking penalties, recommended taker Ishibitsu, who I might add had our first decent shot on goal, even though he came on as a sub at the beginning of the second half. Miura has more f****** lives than the proverbial cat. Sorry Gianfranco looks like you'll have to wait til next season.
Oh! Yoshi and I promise to never change seats again when we're watching a game at Averys.

Check out the video of the final minutes, including the PK.

by Greg

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