Monday, August 23

Yamagata 0 - 0 Vissel

Considering our away form for the last, well... forever, has been horrendous, a clean sheet and a point away to Yamagata would not normally be such a bad result. However, that relegation zone is way too close for comfort. Sendai, the only thing between us and J2 football next year, hammered Omiya 3-0 tonight - away, reducing the safety buffer to only 2 points.

We are now coming to that uncomfortable part of the season when we try to scrape together a few points over a couple of months while praying there are 3 teams that suck just a tad more than us, something Vissel fans are all too familiar with. For those of you who are not Vissel fans, imagine you are, say, a West Ham fan. Get the picture?

On Saturday we play FC Tokyo who are also on 20 measly points. If we are not at least 1 goal up at half time, I'm not even going to watch the fireworks...

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