Sunday, September 12

Miura Out!

The club announced today that Miura has left his post as manager effective immediately (he was fired). Masahiro Wada, head coach, has been given the job for the second time and will begin the task of trying to salvage our season at Hiroshima next Saturday.

The decision to appoint Miura in the first place was an odd one considering Wada was doing so well last year in the caretaker role following the departure of Caio Jr, and also because Miura had so much experience at losing. Despite us avoiding relegation, this season has so far been dismal, not only because of our poor performances on the pitch, but also a clear lack of tactical knowhow and common sense regarding team selection on the part of Miura. La Famiglia called for his head in the summer, the perfect time to bring in someone else due to the World Cup break, but the club failed to move - until yesterday.

It's not too late, though. I think the fact that Miura is out of the picture will give us the bump we need to overcome this bad patch, and we will stay up.

Masahiro Wada

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