Sunday, September 5

Vissel 2 - 0 Biwako Kusatsu

Vissel kicked off our Emperor's Cup campaign tonight with a 2-0 win over Mio Biwako Kusatsu at Home's. Call us football snobs if you will, but this was one of the worst Vissel victories in living memory. Although no one was expecting another Matsumoto result, the team we fielded should have dominated play from the get go and given our visitors a taste of football TWO divisions above what they are used to. Instead, we embarrassed ourselves in the first half by not being able to string 4 passes together, and were lucky not to concede on a couple of occasions. We managed to get a couple midway through the second half, but Kashiwa must be relishing the chance to get one over on us in the 3rd round next month, possibly around the same time they secure promotion back up to J1!

To be honest, I don't even feel like analyzing this game right now. I'll just say that Miyamoto, Tokura, Tanaka and Ishibitsu all wasted a golden opportunity to prove the manager wrong for leaving them out of the regular league team over the last few months.
Meanwhile, Miura must be on his last legs. His inability to motivate high paid professional athletes to perform against an amateur football team that were still recovering from a match less that 48 hours earlier is now strikingly clear. Is the club going to do the right thing and make a change asap, or let him take us down to J2, just like he did to Omiya and Consadole?

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