Sunday, November 7

Vissel 2 - 0 Sendai

More than anything, it was just good to get 3 points. It was not particularly a great performance from us - Sendai were the worst I've seen them all year, but I must say it's a nice change to be able to hold onto a lead. It's so unlike us! Since Wada took over, I've been a little frustrated at his team selection and tactics at times, but in the last two matches he has made appropriate substitutions when we have gone ahead, and these have been very effective.

Our goals came through Yoshida and Park, both in the first half. Yoshida got his second in two matches thanks to a poor bit of keeping from the Sendai keeper. A tame shot right down the middle that most goalies would have saved. We'll take it. Park's goal was much better. La Famiglia video of that to come soon.

Despite our run of form, other matches haven't been going our way. Specifically, FC Tokyo keep winning, which is bad for us. Still, I'm betting on us to beat Niigata on Sunday night, and Tokyo to lose to Marinos which will lift us out of the relegation zone.

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