Thursday, January 6

La Famiglia is back for 2011!

A new look La Famiglia for 2011!
Hello everyone! Welcome back to La Famiglia for 2011!
It has been exactly a month since the victory over Urawa and I have just stopped pinching myself. It's still hard to believe that we survived to give ourselves another year of J1 football. First, thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement before The Great Escape II, and for the many congratulatory emails post-match.

December seems like the best month to take off as there is not much going on in J-footy - well, not for Vissel anyway.
Congratulations to Grampus for winning the league in style last year. About time. No doubt, Mark at Grampalogue II celebrated in style. Good one, mate!
Congrats to Barry at UK Ultras on S-Pulse's great run in the cup. I was really hoping you guys would win, especially to give Ito the fairytale farewell he deserved. I'd like to say I know how you feel but what would a Vissel supporter know about almost winning silverware?!
As you may have noticed, I am also in the process of updating the site. It may still seem a bit bare (a work in progress) but I am trying to move a lot of the stuff I used to have in the sidebars to individual pages to avoid it becoming too messy. This "stuff" can be accessed through the tabs just under the title.

There has been a bit of transfer activity since I last posted so I will be spending the next couple of days to take a closer look at who we've brought in, although there appears to be more outgoing at the minute.

Until then, take another look at the highlights from our massive victory over Urawa last month and the post-match celebrations. Emotional stuff.

Forza Kobe!

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