Friday, January 7

Transfer Update

New signings for the 2011 season.
I clearly remember being disappointed at the lack of transfer activity this time last year, but as I write this we have made only two signings so far this off season. Anyway, lets take a closer look at those two new faces, along with two familiar faces who are rejoining us.

So we've signed our "compulsory" Brazilian. Have you cleaned your room? Yes. Have you done your winter homework? Yes. Have you signed your unknown Brazilian? Yes. OK, then. ROGERINHO is an attacking midfielder who has spent most of his career out on loan at 2nd or 3rd division Brazilian clubs. He was bought by U.A.E team Al Wasl in 2008 but almost immediately loaned out again. Forgive my pessimism for not being able to get excited about a player who already reminds me of Marcel. I hope I'm wrong.

Speaking of "compulsory" signings, how about an out-of-favor J.League defender in the twilight of his career? 2009 - Miyamoto. 2010 - Tomita. 2011 - Haneda. 29 year-old Kenji Haneda has already played 11 seasons of J.League football, 7 at Kashima and 4 at Cerezo. However, in 8 years in J1 he has appeared a mere 39 times. A promising talent at the youth level, he suffered an ankle injury that plagued him throughout his time at Kashima and never lived up to initial expectations. He found a bit of form when Cerezo were in J2, but only started half their games in the last campaign. I remember he had a pretty good game as a holding midfielder against us at the pink pleasure park last year in Kagawa's last match.

BABA, Kenji - Welcome back!
Baba spent the 2010 season out on loan at Shonan Bellmare, and Vissel are not letting him stay down with the sunken ship. Tanaka is the only central midfield player we have in the current squad with any pace, so he may be a useful sub. However, I remember him being easily pushed off the ball when he was with us before so I have my doubts about what he can contribute.

YANAGAWA, Masaki - Welcome back!
Had a promising start with us at only 19, but his inexperience limited his playing time when we gained promotion in 2007. I thought the one-year loan would be good for him (us) but he made only 6 appearances for Kofu. Right now, we could certainly use some youth in our defense. Whether Yanagawa is the man or not remains to be seen.

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