Sunday, January 16

Unveiling Ceremony

2011 unveiling ceremony held at Home's.

4 new players were unveiled at today's official 2011 Unveiling Ceremony held at Home's Stadium. Manager WADA Masahiro introduced the new blood that we all hope can fill the void left by some of the players we let go this off-season. As mentioned in a previous post, our two noteworthy signings are Brazilian ROGERINHO (MF) and HANEDA Kenji (DF) from Cerezo. Also on the bill were HAYASHI Keisuke (DF), brought in from Doshisha University, and OGAWA Keijro (FW) who is already familiar to us having made many appearances last year despite having been one of our youth players.
The new uniforms were also unveiled and will be on sale this week.
Starting tomorrow, I think Roger needs to spend less time in those all-you-can-eat Brazilian restaurants and more time on the training pitch!

photos by Yoshi

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