Tuesday, February 8

Camp observations

I few things caught my attention in the recent training matches.
I don't usually report on the results of practice matches, especially pre-season ones, because I know they don't mean much. However, I do always keep an eye on what the manager is doing with team selection, just to get an idea of what we might see once the season begins. Over the past week, a few points have caught my attention.

Rogerinho, our biggest (literally) signing this year has NOT been playing. I haven't heard any injury news so I'm assuming they have him on an individual (no all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ) training program.

Lee Jae Min has not played a single minute in his usual position up front. He has been playing either in central midfield or at right back! From what I saw of him last year, he lacks the technique to play in the middle. As for fullback, well, I hadn't even considered that. Nope, still can't picture it.

Our other signing, Kenji Haneda, hasn't played in his traditional position at the back either. From the middle of last year, he occasionally played at right midfield for Cerezo - a move I thought was temporary due to Kagawa leaving the squad. When he joined us and was registered for the 2011 season as a defender, I assumed he would be in his natural position in defense. It seems I misread that one.

If there is a time to experiment, it's now. But there are only 25 days left before we kick off the 2011 campaign against Urawa. Get a move on Wada.


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