Wednesday, February 2

Training Update

Day 3 of the pre-season training camp in Kagoshima is done, and it's time for a quick update.
I recently went out to Ibuki to watch a training session and to get a look at the new(?) squad. As can be expected for this time of year, the morning was mostly spent on light drills and conditioning. Rogerinho seems to be fitting in well (having Botti and Vamos Popo around helps) and I noticed he is pretty quick, especially off the mark (despite the belly).

I got to chat to a few players, too. Apparently, Yoshito is close to 100% fit and should be starting for us, though I didn't have the guts to ask him why he was dropped as captain. The keepers did a lot of work by themselves, even jogging separately from the squad. Kishi and Tokushige were still training when most players were leaving the ground. And Ishibitsu is now an unofficial member of La Famiglia! He promised he would lead Vissel Kobe to the league championship this year (lie) and check out our website (true). He is currently the only Vissel player who possesses a La Famiglia badge!

I also had a chance to see our U15 squad train (practice match), which I must say was quite refreshing. They were working very hard, appear (unsurprisingly) very disciplined - and there is definitely some raw talent amongst them. I wonder how long it will take Scumba to snatch the best away from us?

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