Saturday, July 16


J.League Division 1 - Round 5
19:00, Saturday July 16, 2011
Home's Stadium Kobe
Attendance: 14,961
MATSUOKA, Ryosuke (2')
POPO (54')
PARK, Kang jo (57')
OKUBO, Yoshito (89')
KIM Bo Kyung (67')
Team Lineup Team Lineup
GK 30 TOKUSHIGE, Kenta GK 21 KIM, Jin Hyeon
DF 25 ISHIBITSU, Yosuke DF 3 MONIWA, Teruyuki
DF 5 KOMOTO, Hiroyuki DF 14 MARUHASHI, Yusuke
DF 21 MOGI, Hiroto DF 20 TAKAHASHI, Daisuke
MF 8 MATSUOKA, Ryosuke (90') MF 5 CHUGO, Masaki (46')
MF 18 TANAKA, Hideo MF 7 INUI, Takashi
MF 7 PARK, Kang jo MF 13 KIYOTAKE, Hiroshi (74')
MF 10 BOTTI (83') MF 16 KIM Bo Kyung
FW 17 YOSHIDA, Takayuki (64') FW 23 KURATA, Shu
MF 11 POPO FW 9 RODRIGO, Pimpao Vianna (74')
Substitutes Substitutes
GK 1 KISHI, Takahide GK 1 MATSUI, Kenya
DF 2 KONDO, Gakuto DF 2 OGIHARA, Takahiro
DF 14 MIYAMOTO, Tsuneyasu (90') MF 6 YAMAGUCHI, Hotaru (74')
MF 6 HANEDA, Kenji MF 25 KUROGI, Masato
MF 9 ROGERINHO FW 11 BANDO, Ryuji (74')
MF 20 MORIOKA, Ryota (64') FW 15 KOMATSU, Rui (46')
FW 13 OKUBO, Yoshito (83') FW 31 SUGIMOTO, Kenyu
MOGI (78') CHUGO (27')
KIM Bo Kyung (88')
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Post Match Comments

WADA, Masahiro: Overall
"We are really glad to get a result and to be able to give something back to the fans who have given us so much support. I had a feeling thaat one goal was not going to be enough against a team with so much attacking power, and I think the pressure we constantly applied to them from the get-go gave us the edge today."
PARK, Kang jo: Was that Vissel-like football?
"Yes, we played some good football today. Now we need keep this momentum going."
There was a lot of one-touch passing
"I think the movement of the "third man" made it look that way. Good positioning enabled us to play a good passing game."
POPO: A tough run of games
"I wouldn't say it's been tough because we have played some good football (despite the results), including the Gamba match the other day."
Goals two games in a row!
"There was a period when I wasn't getting much playing time, so I'm glad I could pay back the manager for giving me a chance."
La Famiglia: Fantastic match - fantastic night! It's about time we had something to celebrate. We played really good football today, great passing, constant pressure and overall solid defense. Park's comment summed it up nicely. What a difference it makes when the man on the ball always has a couple of passing options. For a moment there I thought I was in the Camp Nou! Surely Vamos Popo has secured a starting role in the team for the forseeable future. He had 9 of our 19 shots. Check out the video of his goal celebration and his screaming free kick!
Oh, and Bando Ryuji - fuck you!

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