Thursday, December 22

Tashiro signs

The club announced the signing today of Kashima and former national team striker Yuzo Tashiro today. This is our third "experienced but out-of-favor" signing this off season. Despite his agility and pace, Tashiro aften disappointed in terms of number of goals at the several clubs he has played for, though I clearly remember his partnership with Marquinhos in that magnificent Antlers team that won three consecutive titles from 2007 to 2009. After spending a season on loan at Yamagata in 2010, Kashima brought him back for 2011 where he grabbed a respectable 14 goals in 27 appearances (all competitions). It will be interesting to see how Wada uses him next year. Our style of play is entirely different to that of Kashima's so I expect to see big changes next year if Tashiro is to be used regularly.

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