Wednesday, December 26

2012 Player Ratings

Kenta TOKUSHIGE (GK) - 6.5
First choice keeper. Pulls off spectacular saves at times, but looking back at videos of the goals we conceded, many of them were not out of reach. Avoided criticism due to mistakes in defense that led to these goals. Has the ability to throw out good passes, but didn't see it much this year.

Takahito SOMA (DF) - 7.0
Topped the dribble stats table with 91 and brought a bit of excitement to our play with daring runs up the left. Also provided many decent crosses that usually came to nothing. Sometimes caught out of position in defense that proved costly at times.

Kunie KITAMOTO (DF) - 7.0
Generally solid as in previous seasons and sorely missed when out due to injury (we lost every game without him). Numerous blocks and slide tackles to prevent certain goals and dominated the air in front of our goal on set pieces. Lacks creativity when in possession compared to other J.League center backs.

Masahiko INOHA (DF) - 7.0
Showed glimpses of the Kashima form that made him a regular national squad member, but failed to secure the defensive line on many occasions, sometimes causing us to concede goals. His form dropped in the second half of the season, possibly indicating his heart may not have been in it.

Kazumichi TAKAGI (DF) - 4.5
Ended up being our worst signing this year. Failed to secure even a position on the bench under all 3 managers and his few appearances were tainted with embarrassing mistakes making him very unpopular among fans.

Kwang Seon LEE (DF) - 5.5
His height advantage was often wasted by poor positioning and he seemed rather clumsy with the ball at his feet sometimes. J2 might be the perfect environment for him to improve.

Ryo OKUI (DF) - 6.5
Gave us a similar option to Soma down the right side and posed an attacking threat on several occasions. The final cross, however, was often disappointing. Has enough pace to track back after such runs. Play style probably similar to that of a traditional winger, but as this role no longer exists in modern football, he will seriously have to work on his defensive skills, particularly timing, if he is to make the right back role his own.

Kang Jo PARK (MF) - 6.0
Rarely got a full game this year. Always reliable, particularly when we need to hold on to a lead, but failed to provide the impact that can change games that he has done in the past.

Takuya NOZAWA (MF) - 7.5
Probably our best player. Excellent passer of the ball and can maintain possession under pressure. However, a very disappointing goals to shots ratio (5/53) and failed to live up to his reputation of set piece master, despite the fans having composed a song especially for such occasions.

Keijiro OGAWA (MF) - 7.0
Top goalscorer (9) and played most games up front despite his MF status. Menacing speed rarely taken advantage of, albeit exciting watch. Missed a lot of opportunities that others would have put away with ease.

Ryota MORIOKA (MF) - 5.5
Mostly used as a sub, Morioka never seems to bring a sense of urgency to our play when we are behind - the primary role of a MF/FW substitute. He has technical ability, but apart from some sporadic moments, I have still not seen him make any kind of impact in the last 3 years. The 3 consecutive managers that who have chosen not to give him regular first team football obviously share this opinion.

Tsubasa OYA (MF) - 6.5
Bit of a mystery. Started the majority of matches in the first half of the season just in front of the back four in a holding role, often partnered with Inoha, and gave some solid performances. Seemed to fall out of favor soon after Nishino's appointment and was sent out on loan to Okayama. The club have already announced his return to the squad for next season.

Hideo TANAKA (MF) - 6.0
Having Hide as our first choice central midfielder for majority of the season pretty much sums it up I'd say. His pace and spirit severely cloud the fact that he's just not that good. If there was a stat for errors in football, he would top the list. I think we would have beaten Reysol in the second last match (effectively securing J1 status) had it not been for his red card in the 37th minute.

Masatoshi MIHARA (MF) - 6.0
Lost his starting position to the more experienced Hashimoto. Hard worker whose defensive capabilities outweigh a lack of contribution in attack. In hindsight, his youthful pace was missed at times when Hashimoto was caught out on counter attacks.

Hideo HASHIMOTO (MF) - 6.0
Chosen to play a key role in central midfield by the very manager who refused to play him last year at Gamba - a prime example of Nishino opting for a player he was familiar with rather than one (Oya or Mihara) that was in better condition/form. Although he appeared to bring stability to the team, results show that we had a much higher loss ratio when he played.

Ken TOKURA (FW) - 5.5
6 goals in 25 appearances says it all. Gave away too many fouls when trying to use his height advantage and often appears clumsy in a position that requires a combination of speed and skill.

Yoshito OKUBO (FW) - 6.0
4 goals in 26 appearances. Definitely suited to the deeper role he played this year, but missed a LOT of golden opportunities. One of the worst goals to shots ratio in the entire league at just 7.8%. No denying his ability, but a forward who misses that many goals needs to burden some of the responsibility for our inability to score in a third of our matches.

Yuzo TASHIRO (FW) - 6.5
6 goals in 18 appearances. An injury hampered season with appearances mostly limited to bench starts. However, looked most likely to score from set pieces with control in the air in a different class to Tokura.

Takayuki YOSHIDA (FW) - 5.5
1 goal in 19 appearances. Missed the later half of the season through injury and failed to regain his spot. Disappointing season for the captain.

Hiroto MOGI (FW) - 6.0
Jack of all trades, master of none. Can play several different positions on either side of the pitch, both in attack and defense. Brings energy to the play after coming on as a sub, but being used as a utility for the past few years has prevented him from securing a position, let alone a starting role.

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