Saturday, December 22

J2 Football in 2013!

Obviously, anyone who gives a shit about Vissel Kobe already knows that we were relegated to J2 for the 2013 season following the defeat to this year's J1 champions Sanfrecce in the final game on December 1. I have deliberately given myself a few weeks off, mainly to ensure that the post season posts did not contain too much profanity, bitterness and negativity.
It's still hard though...
I will be looking back on the major events of this season gone in upcoming posts, including player ratings. But first, I need to deal with a question that I have been asked, primarily by non-supporters. Did Vissel Kobe deserve to go down? The answer is yes, simply because we failed to gain enough points to stay out of the bottom three. However, most Vissel fans would say that we played much better football this year compared to previous seasons in which we managed to avoid relegation.
Of course, that means nothing now.

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