Tuesday, April 1

Yep, this is bad news...

I read on Big Soccer that Leandro is out for 2 months.
Apparently this is supposed to be the story.

2008/03/31-20:23 レアンドロ、右鎖骨骨折で全治2カ月=J1神戸
 J1の神戸は31日、FWレアンドロ(23)が右鎖骨骨折で全治2カ月と診断されたと発表した。30日の磐田戦で痛め、31日に兵庫県加古川市内の病院で手術を受けた。レアンドロは今季リーグ戦3試合に出場して3得点をマークしていた。 (了)

First of all, Jay, I told you so. Second of all, anyone wanna write up a quick translation?

I'm going to go wallow for a while.

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Vendo Thefastlane said...

2008/03/31-20:23 レアンドロ、右鎖骨骨折で全治2カ月=J1神戸

Leandro suffers a fractured right collarbone, will need two months for a full recovery.


It was announced on the 31st by J1's Kobe team that the diagnosis of forward Leandro (23 years old) is a fractured collar bone needing two months for a full recovery.


He was injured in the match against Iwata on the 30th, and underwent surgery on the 31st at a hospital in Hyogo's Kakogawa city.

レアンドロは今季リーグ戦3試合に出場して3得点をマークしていた。 (了)

Leandro has appeared in three league matches this season, taking three goals. (finished)