Thursday, May 21

Kyoto 0 - 1 Vissel

Cool. The first away win of the season. Does that mean we still have a shot in the Nabisco Cup? Maybe. But, personally, I would have preferred 3 points in the league. Oh well, the swine-flu infected population of Kobe can't be choosers.

It was a nice header from Kobayashi late-ish in the 2nd half (his first for quite some time I think?) that sent the more than 300 away fans into a frenzy! Apart from that, neither team impressed, but it's hard to tell at Nishikyogu. It really is a shitty ground. Just a side note though, our friend Gorunoura at ORETACHI NO KYOTO has a great idea to improve their ground. Check this out.
See you Saturday.

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