Sunday, May 17

Niigata 2 - 0 Vissel

Vissel's terrible away form continued today with a 2-0 loss at Niigata. Despite us controlling most of the play in the first half, Albirex came out a rejuvenated team in the 2nd half and grabbed their first goal in the 78th minute - a fantastic header from Chiyotanda, and then they finished us off a few minutes before full time.

We had a number of chances throughout the game but, to be honest, we never really looked like scoring. Marcel had an opportunity to put us in front at one stage but shot well over. He was soon after replaced by Yoshida who I can't even remember touching the ball.

We also finished rather battered. Miyamoto brought himself off with what appeared to be some kind of groin problem, and Kim Nam-Il didn't even make the field after injuring himself in the warm up. The Nabisco cup match away at Kyoto in 3 days may be a chance for some of our irregulars to get a run.


Anonymous said...

I counted...marcel had 6 shots on goal, with one from a header. 5 shots off target, one shot straight at the keeper that was so weak he could have just cleared it instead of picking it up, and the shot off his head didn't even make it to the goal line. Ended up as a throw-in for them.


Johan said...

Any news on MIYAMOTO and KIM's injuries?

Jay said...

They were both "muscle related".
No news over the last couple of days but after the match Miyamoto said he didn't think his was anything serious. Don't know about Kim.
Caio said that he had planned on resting Miyamoto for the Kyoto game tomorrow anyway.