Sunday, July 12

JEF United Chiba 1 - 1 Vissel

First, on the positive side, this was the first game we didn't lose in over a month. It was also the first point for our new manager Wada, so congrats I guess.

But I hate that feeling you get when your team is in front and you just know they won't be able to hang on to that lead. Some might call it pessimism, but I call it knowing what your team can/can't do. I won't babble on about how average we were again, because you all know. I would like to say something about the team selection, though.
Miyamoto played defensive midfielder (for the first time ever?) instead of our regular volante Matsuoka who was benched. Has the manager come to the conclusion that our million dollar signing is past his prime and not as good as he used to be? He hasn't had a bad season but, to be honest, it hasn't been great either. In my post in early January when he was signed, I expressed my concern about Miyamoto being able to handle his duties in central defense considering his age and lack of height. Yesterday we started with our 2007 back 4! So why sacrifice Matsuoka, one of our better players this year, to play Miyamoto out of position? That's simple. You cannot NOT play your captain and so-called "savior", the club would lose face.
I think it sucks. If the captain is not good enough to keep his REAL position, he SHOULD NOT be captain, and perhaps should not have been signed in the first place.

We're are currently in 16th place. If the season finished now, we would be relegated.

Anyway, check out the Park goal. He got onto a Botti through ball, which was too deep, and coolly put it in the back of the net from a tough angle.
Very impressive.

Check out this great goal from Sato against Urawa. Hiroshima didn't deserve to lose this game.

And the best goal of the day to snatch a 2-2 draw away for Kawasaki by Juninho - in the 5th minute of additional time! Pure class.

I also watched Gamba get slaughtered by S-pulse at home 1-4. Their fans were pissed off!!
Love it.

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