Sunday, July 19

Kawasaki 2 - 2 Vissel

One point away to the 4th place team in the league would normally be a decent result for us. But when you're in the relegation zone, every game you don't win is one step closer to J2. Kawasaki were clearly the better team and had it not been for a moment of pure brilliance from Miyamoto, they would have taken all 3 points.

Despite his wonder goal, I don't think Miyamoto has done enough yet to warrant selection in the midfield. We look very fragile in the middle and Kawasaki took advantage of this on numerous occasions. He still seems to be playing as a center back - only 15 yards up the pitch. There isn't much link up play with Botti and Koga, nor can we see the piercing through balls you would expect from that position. Is Miyamoto good enough to reinvent himself in a different position? Maybe. But the question is, can we afford to take that risk sitting in 16th place.

But for now let's give credit where credit is due. It was a FU#*ing amazing goal and he is our hero, at least until the next game.

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