Saturday, May 7


J.League Division 1 - Round 10
14:00, Saturday May 7, 2011
Home's Stadium Kobe
Attendance: 10,364
PARK (68') -
Team Lineup Team Lineup
GK 30 TOKUSHIGE, Kenta GK 1 AIZAWA, Takashi
DF 2 KONDO, Gakuto DF 3 TANAKA, Yusuke
DF 4 KITAMOTO, Kunie DF 4 IGAWA, Yusuke
DF 5 KOMOTO, Hiroyuki DF 17 KIKUCHI, Kosuke (78')
DF 21 MOGI, Hiroto DF 18 YOKOYAMA, Tomonobu
MF 24 MIHARA, Masatoshi MF 14 NAKAMURA, Kengo
MF 8 MATSUOKA, Ryosuke MF 19 SHIBASAKI, Kosuke
MF 9 ROGERINHO (87') MF 23 NOBORIZATO, Kyohei (73')
MF 13 OKUBO, Yoshito MF 13 YAMASE, Koji
FW 27 TOKURA, Ken (79') FW 9 YAJIMA, Takuro (80')
FW 20 MORIOKA, Ryota (67') FW 10 JUNINHO
Substitutes Substitutes
GK 1 KISHI, Takahide GK 27 ANDO, Shunsuke
DF 14 MIYAMOTO, Tsuneyasu DF 2 ITO, Hiroki
MF 7 PARK, Kang-jo (67') DF 18 YOKOYAMA, Tomonobu (78')
MF 10 BOTTI (87') MF 22 FUKUMORI, Akito
MF 17 YOSHIDA, Takayuki (79') MF 30 OSHIMA, Ryota (73')
FW 11 POPO FW 11 KOBAYASHI, Yu (80')
FW 31 OGAWA, Keijiro FW 29 KUKINO, Satoshi
OKUBO (45'+1)
TOKURA (54')
KONDO (84')
TANAKA (45'+1)
- -

Post Match Comments

WADA, Masahiro: Overall
"It was a really tough match. We had more players cramping up than we had substitutes. After playing reasonably well and losing the last 2 matches, it's very satisfying to finally get a victory."
PARK, Kang-jo: The goal
"I just happened to be in the right place. I tapped it in with my first touch, but it has given me a lot of confidence, particulary since it brought us victory today.I was thinking about how I could contribute to the game while sitting on the bench."
La Famiglia: It's great to get the 3 points, but this was far from what you could call a good performance. We wasted opportunities and I felt we were lucky to get Frontale on an off day. Despite looking a bit better in terms of his passing, Rogerinho still can't take a decent shot.
Tokura finally got his start today and I felt he did enough, especially in the air, to keep his place for next week. However, I still have my doubts about Morioka. He gets pushed off the ball far too easily.

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John Rotko said...

Not sure if it was the beer or just being a fan, but it seemed to me as if the ref. wouldn't hand us a single break... so much for home-field advantage. Agree with you about Morioka - needs to eat whatever Rogerinho is !